Saturday, November 22, 2008

New works from YUENDUMU, Northern Territory.

We've just received some new paintings in from the Aboriginal owned art centre at Yuendumu, NT.

We've bought in a range of works with prices starting at $180 - these super colourful artworks draw on traditional iconography executed in really bright colours.

Yuendumu is situated about 300km northwest of Alice Springs.
To get there you need to hire a 4wd from Alice Springs and get going early in the morning just after the sun is up and the kangaroos are off the road. Kangaroos move mostly at sun up and sun set and its really advisable to not be driving on the road at this time.
To get to Yuendumu you take the Stuart highway north and turn left onto the Tanamai Rd (Tanami Track) and drive for about 5 hours northwest.

You also need to let the art centre know that you're planning on making a visit to them as the land is Aboriginal owned and you must get permission before entering these lands. You can make a day trip to this art centre without a permit but you cannot stay overnight.

Often there will be artists painting at the art centre and you can watch them paint. Often people ask me how they can see the Aboriginal painters actually painting in their own environment in outback Australia - and in my experience to date this art centre is the most accommodating of visitors or 'day trippers' from Alice Springs wanting to really see where the art comes from.

Yuendumu is home to about 1000 people but driving into town it really doesn't look like 1000 people are living there.
In 1946 the'Native Affairs Branch'established Yuendumu as a rationing and welfare depot. Many people were moved from their traditional lands into this community. Baptist Missionaries arrived in 1947 and set about converting Aborigines to Christianity.

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