Friday, December 12, 2008

BEYONCE'S momento of Australia

When the singer Beyonce toured here, The Sydney Entertainment Centre came to The Artery to find a piece of artwork they could give to the singer as a momento of her visit to Sydney. They were looking for something really unique and special and decided a piece of Australain Aboriginal art would be the way to go.

We had just returned from a buying trip to Turkey Creek and Kununurra in The Kimberley, Western Australia and we came back with a fantastic selection of ochre works from the reknowned Warmun Art Centre where Rover Thomas used to paint.

The Sydney Entertainment Centre decided on a painting by Nora Nagarra titled 'Purnululu' which relates to the area we call the 'Bungle Bungles' as shown below.

We're told that Beyonce was quite taken with her painting which is painted in natural ochres (shown below) that the painters go to secret locations to collect.

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